Trying a new idea

I wanted to see if I could work a pattern in the three main forms of yarn needle craft for doll clothes. No sewing here but I made this leotard in weaving – Lexi, knitting- Addy, and crochet-Kirsten.   Check the patterns link to the right.

I knitted the first one as that seemed to me to be the easiest to get the shape I wanted as  the bottom part is pretty much based on the Fancy Pantie  pattern. That turned out well.  I can crochet but an not a Crocheter, if you get what I mean. This one has some…er…unusual stitches. I do not know how to crochet short rows properly

Ready for dance class

so the butt of her leo has a strange looking “eye” pattern but worked out pretty good all in all, I think. The woven one went a lot easier than I had been fearing and is made with two QW squares and a Tiny Weaver tri & square. It took the least amount of yarn to make, of course. I may remove the shoulder ribbons and put buttons on it, too. Now… I hope I can write up decent patterns from my copious notes… pages of which are scratched out as I changed horses midstream! lol

4 thoughts on “Trying a new idea

  1. Hazel,
    They are adorable and the crochet one looks good to me, at least you tried crocheting and it worked out. Now I can knit and crochet, but can’t weave at all.




  2. Thank you, Nora. Weaving is easy. If you ever want to try give mne a whistle and I’ll help you get started!
    And Linda, I don’t think the patterns would fit a baby but the general design is pretty straight forward if you want to have a go at enlarging them! I hope to have a pattern to post shortly.


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