The Volcano

SulferVent1a (266k image)

The last park we visited was Lassen. We stopped at the vents. If you enjoy the smell of hot sulfur you would like this steamy spot! I took a little video of one vent but I don’t know how to post those. They whistle and steam like your teapot, but don’t smell as nice! The vents have been moving around since I visited last, too. We can no longer walk the trail among them and it looks like they might even undermine the road one of these days. The volcano is suppose to be dormant (that’s not extinct!) but it still reminds us that it’s hot down there. :O
We’re home again now and have been spending the afternoon shooing the deer out of the yard. They have pretty much eaten off every plant out there. All my mums are gone, they even ate grandmother’s Christmas cactus that i thought would be okay. Guess we won’t get any flowers again this year. I’m sure it will come back, but I think I’m going to find an old fashioned wrist rocket and do my best to discourage them. :angry:

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