Counting our blessings

weaver (141k image)

I copied this photo from HandWoven magazine, in case anybody wants to turn me in. This lady, it says, is 84 years old. Take a look at her hands. She hasn’t let a little thing like that stop her from weaving. She makes me ashamed of griping about my hands hurting with my little bit of arthritis.

Weather had been chilly, we’ve had an occasional fire. We also had a really great rain, put an end to fire season. More rain is predicted for tomorrow.

I’m trying to get my new Baby Wolf Loom warped. This business is much harder than weaving on our own looms! I haven’t gotten very far with that, but I did get a 12″ square woven for a project
I am trying. Much more relaxing! lol I thought I ought to learn, tho. I was told this fall, by a customer, that I ought to publish some patterns for textured and lace weaves for our looms. Well, the truth is… I don’t know any. That’s why I weave on these! They’re easy. But I thought if I got acquainted with Big Loom weaving I might be able to translate some of those pattern to small looms.
Hummm… We’ll see. :hehe:

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