First snow.

FirstMtSnowBlog (195k image)

I am estimating about 8 thousand feet, maybe a bit below that. Shasta looked really good, it’s been bare but for the glaciers most of the summer. but there was snow on Mt. Eddy, too, which is just a bit over 9000′. This is looking into the Alps. None on our 7200′ Billy’s Peak yet. Anyway, I’m glad to see it & hope its a sign of more to come.
I went out to the Winery today with the Trinity Artists. We were there to paint the fall colors. I did three little post card sized water colors while the rest of the group were testing the winery’s wares! I left about the time they were all setting up to paint. Not sure what will come of that as they were testing quite a few! 😉 But it was nice to see the ladies again. Haven’t painted with them in quite awhile.
Now I guess I’ll get back to my looming. Hope you are having a lovely fall! 🙂

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