The traveling loom!

truckloom (195k image)

Sort of like that knitting lady with the traveling sock, I guess but I was waiting for Himself again. He was with the dentist this time. It was cooler and nicer sitting in the shade in the truck than in that stuffy waiting room. The squares for Janna’s WeaveZine shawl are coming along nicely, I think. We went on up to Medford for some shopping after this and I didn’t get any more weaving done today, but I was able to get a zipper for the play suit and…it looks like I’m going to try my hand at making buttons out of Sculpy as I could not find any I thought suitable. 😉
It was nice and hot today. According to the forecast it’s going to continue to be hot, but maybe not quite so nice! :laugh:
Tourist traffic is already heavy on the interstate. Hope you have a safe trip if you are among them & enjoy a fun 4th!

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