My project

playsuit2b (58k image)

I think this 1940’s swim suit is a cute playsuit and decided to try it *without* making any changes! 😛 But I really don’t think the way the shorts are made that they are going to fit very well so I might, after all, have to make a few small “adjustments”. 😛 Anyway, it’s woven on the 4″ Multi Loom using A textured yarn from my stash: Bernat Calico. 13% acrylic 9% polyester, 64% cotton, & 19% nylon. It wove up nicely and not sheer, which I thought important for that design. I will need to find a warm model when it’s finished. My last young lady graduated from high school and went away to collage but surely someone around here must have a granddaughter eager to earn a little cash for looking pretty! 😀 If I find one you will see her here.

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