At Crater Lake, Oregon

CraterLakeSmall (173k image)

I know you’ve probably seen this picture a billion times, even if you’ve never been there but it is so lovely, it’s worth another look. Randy and I spent a couple days taking pictures and driving around the rim. We stayed in the campground there with a passel of other people… a popular place. 😀 Then we moved on, toured Diamond lake and ended in a nearly deserted campground out in the middle of Oregon, somewhere, I think near the headwaters of the Umpqua River. it was a really enjoyable and relaxing trip. The only drawback was that now that the snow is melting, Oregon’s Deluxe sized mosquitoes were out in full force. I kept a hot campfire going and that kept most of them at bay. A bit of breeze came up now and then and that also helped. But… we were really glad we invested in that trailer! :laugh:
Home again now and back to work in the loom shop!

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