Our holiday Trip

AshlandSprinsHotelCoon4 (57k image)

Randy and I have been making a trip between Christmas and New Years, up to Ashland, OR. Staying at the Ashland Springs Hotel, a historical hotel in downtown. It’s a lovely place with an excellent restaurant and we can walk thought the shops along the street and even visit Websters yarn shop! Lovely! I didn’t spend quite as much on yarn and we do on hotel, food, and petrol, but I still came home with a nice addition to stash! But this is a Business Expense, you know. I am planning to make woven items/patterns to promote the looms. It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it! 😉
Had a nice visit with Sis & BIL, who, by the way, were kind enough to dog-sit for us for the weekend as well. We took in a play and bought an RV… An older used 5th wheel to take on our spring trip back east to visit the kids and celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. I’m excited about this as we hardly ever go anywhere & this will be the longest trip we’ve taken together.
But to explain the photo above… This tailless raccoon and the tiger kitty were exploring at the back door to the hotel. They seemed to be acquainted, at least they were not bothered by the proximity of the other. And not much bothered by mine. Of course my camera was set to take snow pics so most of what I did get washed out. Well… I’m a fiberist, not a pohotog, after all! :laugh:
Wishing you all a prosperous new year, and a safe one. I hope you’ll spend a least a little of your new Year’s Day counting your blessings. In spite of the bleak outlook the media gives us, I think we can all find some sunshine in our lives!
Happy New Year!

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