Guess what it’s doing again today!

randy (282k image)

Yes, I thought you could! :laugh: Here’s the view from my bedroom window of Randy shoveling his way to the loom shop. There sits the newly fixed loader with a slight problem. The battery is dead and when it was parked last time it wasn’t parked straight so that he can’t get the battery compartment open! :angry: I’m guessing if things got too bad he’d find a way, but so far the snow seems light and dry and pretty easy to shovel or sweep. We had just a tad of rain last evening but it froze and it’s snowing dry again this morning. Been alternating between heavy falls and almost stopping. I’m enjoying watching it from here by the fireside as I sit spending some quality time with my looms! 😀

Hope you are staying warm and dry, too! Happy weaving!

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