woodbine (197k image)

Pop used to tear this stuff off the house, he felt about it like some people feel about ivy, but it’s so pretty. It does get a grip on the screens that it probably shouldn’t but it’s the most brilliant red in the yard this time of year. I guess I should have a try at digging it out and planting it somewhere where it can have it’s way. Only I don’t know if I could. I’ve been trying to kill off that old not-very-pretty wisteria ever since we added onto the cabin but it still puts runners out every year.
If you look into the background, those little red dots are apples on the Rome Beauty. The ones out of my reach. I thought Himself might take the hint, but I guess I’m going to have to get out a ladder.
Oh yes, check out the header! This guy and his mate used to nest in the alder tree, the one in the photo, but that bit rotted away and they left. Now they’re back again. I think they’ve dug a nest in the top of the cottonwood out back. I was happy to see them again!

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