OctBug5 (331k image)

I don’t know this guys name but I thought him quite attractive. He likes my little mums very well. I got these flowers many years ago from a neighbor but they bloom faithfully every year to brighten up this Indian Summer we’re having. The predicted rain has faded away. Well, that’s fine as we don’t have the wood shed up yet. The weather is warm day times and coolish at night, but we haven’t had to build a fire for several days now.
The bear visited the old pear a few days ago, broke a couple branches out of it but did no major damage. However, the dogs have been pretty excitable ever since. And it’s been a major squirrel year! The white oaks have a bumper crop this fall and the grey squirrel population is up as well. I counted 7 of them in view at once yesterday! It’s been rather noisy as well, with the all barking and chattering and quarreling. Then the Jays have to have their word, too! There goes “The Serenity Of The Trinity Alps”! The cats ignore them all! :laugh:

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