My next job…

canning (154k image)

Got three lugs of apples picked off the Rome Beauty. Managed to give half this lug to a friend, but the tree is still loaded with fruit. And the last of the pears are ready to can as well. And the laundry hamper is full again, and the looms shop is jammed up with orders, and I have to finish the doll for the retreat, and I got an email reminding me that the gallery needs paintings for the November show, Randy’s gone to town to get the stuff for the woodshed since our winter’s heating fuel is still sitting in a big pile out in the open… :crazy:

But! It’s a beautiful time of year. The colors are gorgeous again! What a fantastic job Mother Nature does for us! I am always awe struck. Each fall seems more magnificent than memory has the last one. Here in the yard it’s a golden world accented with the red of the roses and the woodbine. I hope you get a chance to go out and admire the world where you are. 😀

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