A second bloom

FallRoses (181k image)

It’s the second bloom for these two– which is a first! 😀 I finally got brave enough, or desperate enough, to prune. I haven’t a clue but I did it and they have enjoyed it no end and here’s my reward! I will tackle the white climber this fall and hope for as good luck.
I’ve moved most of my mini roses, which were doing poorly and have been rewarded by blooms from them as well. These are all clustered around the kitchen door and the doe hasn’t ventured that far just yet. She doesn’t seem to bother the climbers on the lawn side, dunno if that’s because they don’t taste good or if they are just protected by being right on the house.
Tho come to think if it, she ate cousin Kathy’s potted plants on her front door step! 😉 I can understand the lilies, deer seem to love lilies, but she ate the marigolds, too, and I’ve never know anything to eat marigolds. But she also ate my rhubarb leaves…!
August is getting hot out here. Hope you are keeping cool! Weave Cotton! :laugh:

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