YellowFacedBumbleBee3 (367k image) You’ll have to cut and paste to use the link, I dunno how to do ‘hyper’ here. But it can help you identify the bugs in your yard. I’ve found a couple of my butterflies and this guy is a Yellow Faced Bumblebee And he love my yard. They are visiting the self-heal and the plantain and also like the oregano. I did see a smaller bee, only got a quick glance but it looked like are regular honey bee. Only saw the one if that was it. Pretty scary but at least we have these guys. and I found two more kinds of butterflies today. Haven’t been able to identify them very accurately yet. Small guys. One might even be called tiny.
Anyway… keep in mind that most bees (not to be confused with wasps and hornets!) are not aggressive and we Need them! Please don’t poison your yard!
Think green… also alive!

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