7″ square as a weavie

7sq_as_weavie (198k image)

Found this pattern on Jana’s blog and wondered if it would work on the 7″ square. It does… with adjustments. I’ll write these up and post them later but Himself wants to go Now… :crazy:
… so I’m off.
Cut & past.. http://eloomanator.eloomanation.com/

Okay, back to the square. Instructions say under one over 5 across, but with the number of nails on the 7″ square the last set is under one, over 3, under the loop, then you return repeating the previous row, you’ll go over and under the same strands as you did the last time. Then one row of plain weave, and repeat. I thought it looked a little thin so I wove the variegated strand though just the needle woven part and followed it exactly. It would be easier to just weave a double strand the first time. I left long tails and wove then down the sides, following the previous strand there as well. It looks better on the side with the variegated yarn, I think. I think, tho if I do this one again, I’ll weave double the whole thing. I used a worsted weight wool and I’m thinking I may try felting it. If I do, I’ll post the results (if they aren’t too awful! )

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