The TB purse

purse5 (39k image)

I wove this purse with the new 7″ Tumbling Block loom. I used some left-over yarns from my early spinning days that were quite bulky and some rather coarse but dk weight Navajo Churro and used the every other row color weaving. It forms stripes so I had to frog my first assembly as I was not paying attention and had the stripes running randomly, which did not work. The strap I wove with a large yarn needle by running the warp across the 14″ square.
I’m not really talented at Embellishing, but found this pair of amber colored earrings and an old painted Mexican horse key chain that matched the color scheme. I’ll have to find some better way of attaching them, tho as the earring backs are not reliable on this thick yarn and I’ve already lost one back. I think I’ll give the fabric glue a try. Or maybe I’ll get Himself to drill some tiny holes around the metal of the earring and just sew it on. That’d probably be best.
But I like this purse. I think I’ll make it a lining to help keep it clean, and use it myself. 🙂

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