New picture.

mermaidGreen4 (139k image)

The new show at the gallery is portraits and figures. I have several portraits and one other figure, but I found a magazine photo of a girl diving for a volleyball and I loved it, so I used that to make this mermaid. There was a big brouhaha over some nudes in one of he galleries last year so Docent Marie told us she wanted nudes so we could get in the paper, too! It sure helps sales! :laugh: Well, my green lady is nude but I doubt she’ll have the same effect! Oh well… I like her! 😀

I have been working on other projects, tho. I finished weaving the tumbling blocks with the reclaimed yarn and have started assembling it. It’ll take a few days but I’ll post a photo when I get that far. The edging on my Pi shawl progresses at a crawl, but it IS progressing. 😛
It’s stopped snowing and started raining. whoopee. :plain: Hope you’re staying warm!

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