The New Tumbling Blocks loom!

OfficialPhoto (178k image)

🙂 These are the new looms. The blanket they lay on was woven with the smaller loom, the 3 1/2″ size. It was easy to make. I used a Caron yarn called Cozi, which may be out of stock. These yarns seems to come and go before you can decide if you like them, I did like this one so hope it’s not gone. It’s a fuzzy yarn, not eyelash, tho. I assembled the blocks with embroidery thread, which is stronger than the yarn for the purpose but disappeared in the ‘fuzz’ and so no seams show. It’s also soft and cuddly!
You can weave this pattern, its often done in bright colors for children and babies, but I also have a purse made with the larger loom. I’ll try to get a good photo of that for the blog soon. Check previous post for what I’m weaving them for now. It’s not just another diamond… this one is unique! We’re only making the 3.5 and 7″ sizes. For more information and pictures, check the web site. (links) The new book is featured there, too.

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