Value_Weaving_color (196k image)

Taking a form & design class this year, taught by my watercolor teacher of the last two semesters. Had this in college, but it’s fun. She said we could use any medium we liked and listed off a bunch of ‘for instances’ that didn’t include weaving so naturally… 😛
Well, I’ve really never done any tapestry weaving to speak of but thought I’d give it a try. I made my cartoon, picked though my stash of Persian wools, and here it is for better or worse! I hope she likes it but I’m working on another little project, just in case, never hurts to be sure! :laugh:
By the way, I didn’t have any matting of the right size so cut a piece of ‘board’ to make one because I’ve always been told that the mark of a good needle woman is a neat backside. I didn’t want anyone to see my backside. :O

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