Value added

Value_Added (36k image)

Well, I have to brag a bit. My presentation of my challenge for today’s art class was a hit. Evelyn had talked enthusiastically about using other media and doing abstracts but as it turned out I was the only one who did. There were a couple of pastels and a couple of pastel over water color but most were water color or pencil so presenting myself in black pants, white shirt, and varied grey vest as an example of value in art got applause. They like my little camera case, too. In fact, I was asked when I was going to teach a weaving class! 🙄
That little bag is made with some of those Persian yarns from my stash and I did two of the double triangle squares and crocheted them together to make the bag. Crocheted a draw string which was also felted in the machine. They even liked my ‘tapestry’ picture. So I’m guessing I’ll start off with a good grade this year. Which is good as I somehow got into the class for a grade this year. Been taking it as credit/no credit. Oh well… do you think I’m too old to get an art degree! :laugh:

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