Bah! Humbug!

Humbug1a (194k image)

It’s never as pretty once we have to live with it, is it! :laugh: Oh well, it will make for a pretty summer so I don’t mind. Much.
Gosh, my head is groggy! I fell asleep in my chair after lunch and had a good long nap. What I get for getting up with himself at not quite 5 am. But I got Grandmother’s vest un-knit and the yarn skeined and now soaking in a basin. It’s cormo, handspun by Rosy and too good to just lay in the drawer so I decided to weave a vest for myself with the new looms.
Now I think Cori and I ought to walk out to the mailbox. Maybe the fresh air will clear my head a bit and allow my brain to start working again. :crazy:

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