Out on the Town again…

DSC00064 (151k image)

We Red Hats went to town today and had lunch at the Chinese Restaurant and then when to see John Travolta playing a Momma in Hairspray. He did it rather well. It was an enjoyable movie and an enjoyable day for all us old gals.
The college cancelled my morning painting class for lack of students. I thought it rather cosy with just the 7 of us and teacher but they wanted more. So I have to go in on Monday and sign up for the afternoon class if I want to stay in, which I do. We’re working in landscapes this year and I’m already enjoying myself, that being right up my alley.
And, besides, I made an appointment with the lady at Curves to give that gym a try, as I was going to be in town anyway.
I’ve done the math on my cardigan sleeves (as instructed by the Expert Knitters on-line) and am knitting a bit each evening. Hope to have it done in time to wear it this winter.
Hope it’s not too warm/wet/dry/hot where you are!

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