My Harvest

MyHarvest (146k image)

The tomatoes pulled though the hot spell and are producing nicely. We had sliced tomatoes on our bbq-ed hamburgers and the cherry and plum tomatoes dipped in a bit of Ranch for a salad. I sneaked the egg plant into a batch of roasted veggies. He found it a grumped, but ate it! I thought he’d appreciate the change from zucchini! :laugh:

I bought the paint for the living room walls today. And an electric can opener that says it’s fun. You know, I can’t help thinking that when opening a can of beans for dinner is fun… somebody probably needs to ‘get a life’! :hehe: I bought it because old age is creeping up on me. I have a touch of arthritis in my right thumb. Doesn’t hurt often but I’m (literally) losing my grip and working one of those hand cranked openers is sometimes really difficult.

No fiber arts to report… It still needs to cool down a bit… :doze:

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