doe2 (184k image)

This shot was taken though my sunshade window shades. I got the doe and the hummingbird at once. It’s a busy yard. The critters and the insects like my ‘meadow’. I do, too. I have my tomatoes in a plastic wire cage and she hasn’t attempted them yet, since, I suppose there is so many other things that she likes. Several of my flowering shrubs are a bit nibbled as well as the couple roses that are not against the house. The hummers like the flowers and the feeder, the assorted butterflies, bees, and other insects enjoy the herbs and flowers in the grasses. There’s a lot of thyme and oregano spreading though the grass with the ox-eye daisy, English daisies, ajuga, healwell, lungwort, dandelion, plantain, wild chamomile… the list goes on and there is also grasses and clovers. I mow about twice a year to keep it fresh. It’s lovely! Ask Mrs. Doe. 🙂

PS: (added a couple days later) She brought twin fawns with her today! The first time she’s brought the babies. They’re sooooo cute!

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