A little still life

iceplant2 (132k image)

We got back from San Rafael last evening and barely unloaded the cars. Randy is unloading the tools out of mine so I can go on my filed trip later and he can go to work earlier. I brought this little bouquet back from his Dad’s place. I will see if it’ll root tho I don’t expect them to winter over. Never saw ice plant used a a house plant, but it might work, may start a new rage! 😉
Randy has his ‘new’ truck. Our first diesel, but it has all the stuff he’s been wanting and the price was good. His old one was only running on three ‘squirrels’ and they were not feeling well any more so it was time.
But it’s good to be home. Sis is coming down later this week to spend a few days. She hasn’t been down in quite a long time now so I am looking forward to that.
Oh yeah… the artichokes are also from Dad’s. They are really pretty thistle plants.
Looks like the sun might shine today, which is good because it’s al fresco painting today! No, lets see… my artists vocab says it’s plein aire… I think! :laugh:

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