Painting outdoors

JoyWiltseeClass2a (177k image)

This is Joy Wiltsee, a local watercolor artist of some renown, giving us a workshop today. We painted some local-ish scenery in a lovely spot down-river. for those few of you familiar with the area, it was at Big Bar on the Trinity, west of Weaverville on 299. A nice lady, a nice lesson, a lovely setting, and lunch was also nice.
I managed to roll with my chair down hill, showing my wrong side to the group and managing some nice bruises but all in all, a pleasant day. My painting isn’t finished so I’m not posting it here yet. Joy says that when you are within 10 minutes of being done, go put it under the bed for a week, then when you get it out you’ll see exactly what you need to do to finish! Seems like good advice to me. 😀

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