Another pertty picture

RedBud1 (159k image)

Took this one at the Swift Creek Bridge. The red bud is thick there and all in full bloom. It never looks as bright in the photographs, but I’ve noticed when I try to paint it into a picture it looks gaudy and fake! lol Well, in the first place, it’s not red, so whoever named it must have been color blind! But it’s pretty. The yellow post in the background bears a sign that says, “Watch for snow”. I see that CalTrans has turned it away. I hope that’s a prediction. 😉 It’s sunny and (to be) warmer today but the coming week is going to be changing it’s mind for better and worse from the look of it. I have two new large bags of potting soil ready to go when Mother Nature decides to quit fooling with us!
Have a nice week!

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