Cozy hidy-hole

Robin (124k image)

Robin discovered Randy’s hamper empty… a rare event and decided to try it on. I sneaked the picture from the top, which accounts for the vertigo when viewing it! :hehe: Took this guy to the vet yesterday and Spent $80 to find out he’s healthy. He’d been coughing and hacking for longer than I thought required for a hair ball, but that’s the docs diagnosis and now I find he isn’t coughing anymore so I guess nature took care of it. Well, I had envisioned lung cancer or whatever rare and exotic diseases cats can get so I guess I just got an $80 reassurance that my baby is okay. 😛 I’m sure he’s worth it! :laugh: Tho I can remember a time I would not have dreamed of being able to spend that much on a cat. But I can also remember a time (most of you won’t be that old!) when $80 would buy groceries for a month. 😀
Today it’s raining and shining and shining and raining and both at once and the snow isn’t very far up the hill. Springtime!

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