Believe it or not!

RandyCooking (119k image)

Yes, that’s Randy cooking! It used to happen a couple times a year but it’s been many of those since he got inspired the last time. But we now have enough stew to feed Coffee Creek! It’s good but I’m going to have to freeze some. He’s going to have to learn how to modify his recipe now that there are only two of us! :laugh:
Like everyone else this time of year, I’ve been working on Christmas presents and it’s been raining, raining, raining, sometimes taking a break to snow or slush awhile. They are predicting snow for late tonight again. Only a few more days until the sun starts coming back, tho, so there is a bright side. Well, there will be if it clears up enough to see it! 😛
Hope you are all having one of those Decembers with cookies baking, and kids, and presents, and lots of family. Randy and I will be thinking of you all. 🙂

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