It can be done…

Frogging (136k image)
… but those of you who have the looms know that it’s much easier if you decide you don’t like it before you take it off the loom! :O This is some homespun and I don’t have enough of it to just shrug it off and start again. I have to reclaim this. It’s slow going but I have it done now and am reweaving. It looks much better. I should have checked my own web page for instructions! :laugh:
I think I can get it done in time fro Christmas. I wanted it to be all yellow but I didn’t plan well and it’s too late now. Well, I’m sure it will look okay this time. Oh yes… it’s a hat for my bro-in-law. It gets a little yellow jacket (the stinging kind)on there somewhere if I can figure out how to crochet one.
Hope you’re all having better luck with your last minute projects! 😛

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