Kathy’s Purses

Kathys_Postcard (143k image)

My cousin has been knitting and felting purses of wool and novelty yarns. They are everyone unique and, well, just delightful! She has done a wonderful job with them They are all lined and have handy pockets inside as well. She took them all (I think she said she knitted 60 of them!) to the fabric store and picked out the fabric for the linings individually so they’d be sure to match. There’s nothing generic about Kathy’s purses! She worked on some of them when they were up and I intended to get a photo of her and all the bags, but time just flew by and next thing I knew everything was packed and we were saying goodbye!
Well, if you are anywhere near Oakland, CA this coming weekend, do go see for yourself … and tell Kathy I sent you! Kathy and her purses are not to miss and the Terrace is also worth the trip. 🙂

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