Kathy inspired me…

RedHatClutcDone (121k image)

I found myself without a present for the Red Hat Christmas party so I took inspiration from Kathy and got out the 12″ square and the novelty yarns. Weaving with that eyelash stuff isn’t what I’d exactly call fun, but I got it done. I used a carry of purple wool and switched from the eyelash to another yarn with some colors, some mohair, and some metallic stuff for flash. Tossed it into the washer then folded and sewed ‘diaper’ style. It’s lined with burgundy taffeta and even has a little pocket. I made a rope strap and the button hole is just cut though the felted fabric. It turned out to be a big hit and I was even asked by several if I was making them to sell! I offered to sell them a loom so they could make their own! :laugh:

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