My oldest houseplant

drunkards_dream_blooms (152k image)

This Drunkard’s Dream succulent came out here with me from Florida in 1979. I can’t remember how long I had it at that time, but it’s the oldest one in my collection. I have the string of hearts, that also came with me, but I believe these are off-spring of the original. One could still be the original (I have three & gave Sis one) but I don’t know that for sure. Anywho… the DD is blooming, which it does every year about this time. Tiny little white things, prettier than you’d expect for this plant.

Today we’re taking the cousin’s to town to see the Trinity Players version of the musical play “Scrooge”. They go back to the city on Wednesday so this is in the nature of a farewell celebration. It’s been great having them. 🙂

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