For Christmas

nativity94a (78k image)

Here’s a project I started last year or maybe the year before? Anyway, I now have the major figures. Sis posted the instruction to the web site projects page, if you’re interested. I have Joseph, Mary, a shepherd, a king, and a rather homely angel. they are pretty simple figure, the kind the kiddies can play with. You can make them simple or as fancy as your yarn and trim stash allows. Bits if jewelry would make a crown, the head pieces co8uld even be made of fabric and might drape better than my stiff yarn ones. The let the young’ns invent the stable with a cardboard box and whatever you have to simulate hay. I’ll work on some sheep and maybe a donkey. There probably wont’ be a camel unless one of you would like to invent him! 😀
Meantime… Happy holiday weaving season!

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