Life in the loom shop in November…

looms4 (29k image)

Busy, busy, busy! Just like Santa’s workshop! lol Randy’s too skinny to pass as Santa, but he’s been as busy. And we’ve got a houseful of company, which has been fun. Hope you are all having a great holiday, too. I’m working on Christmas presents in between other things, as are most of you, I’m sure. Us fiber people really get busy this time of year. If you need a loom, better let us know soon, and don’t forget that they make good gifts in themselves. A gift that really does keep giving. 🙂 The Kid’s Stuff Kit is great for beginners, even those who aren’t kids. It’s the same loom as our Quilt Weaver square but it comes with enough stuff to weave a little snowman you could hang on the tree. Check the web page.

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