Part of what I’ve been doing.

Both (29k image)

My friend makes porcelain dolls and asked me to knit outfits for these two. The first one has a lovely black wig but I didn’t have it for the photo. I also added a red sash and bow at the waist line. I’ll get a finished photo of her, I’m rather proud of this ‘off-the-top-of-my-head dress! 😀 The sailor suit turned out cute for the second twin, but I’m not sure it’s really ‘her’, if you know what I mean. I might try something else for her, depending on what my friend likes.
Other than that, I’ve been helping my cousin finish up her knitted-felted purses for her up-coming trunk show. They are fabulous bags! I’ve already reserved mine!
We’re having company this year for Thanksgiving. That’s great. The ‘kids’ are in their early 20’s but still young people to liven things up a bit. It’s usually just Randy and I and Grandmother and now we don’t even have grandmother. We might have to try to go somewhere for Christmas, too. Maybe. There’s always weather to figure in. 😛

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