Another sign of the approaching Autumn

Concords4 (226k image)

The birds are really enjoying the Concords this year. They always do, but there are more of them than usual with the rainy spring we had. I notice the apples are beginning to drop windfalls and the pears are also swelling! It’s going to be a bumper crop and I still haven’t used all I put in the freezer last fall. I might can a few apples but I guess I’d better start looking for people who’d like to have some. There are not many left who do any canning. I do a bit but, really, for just the two of us, it’s hardly worth it since we’re no longer allowed pies or cakes or any of the good stuff you use the canned fruit for. Well, the alpaca, pigs, and donkeys will enjoy some of it.
Meantime… It does make a pretty picture, doesn’t it?! 😀

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