FO… at long last!

F&F3 (145k image)
I finally finished my Feather and Fan tablecloth. It’s the F&F pattern from Gathering of Lace worked in crochet thread. There are 4 subtle color changes in it since I ran out of the first thread that I had in my stash (I thought I had enough 😦 ) and then couldn’t find the rest of the stuff Sis bought for me, then… well, I lost track of the 3rd one or it could just be my imagination… so the last one, which is the most obvious, is one I bought myself. By that time I didn’t care what color it was, I just wanted to get it finished! lol Anyway, all in all I think it turned out pretty good. I didn’t pin out all the stupid little loops on the edging, in fact, if it hadn’t been more work to frog than to finish, I would have, about half way round, just bound it off plain. Well, I’ll take an iron or something to the edge and flatten it out a bit.
Anyway, as you can see, it almost fits my dining table. And No! :O I’m not making another one for it! glad its finished.
I didn’t work the center motif because I intend it for a lamp table and didn’t figure it’d show all that fancy work, besides, I didn’t want to work out the chart. Yeah, I’m a lazy knitter! lol
So! That’s done and I’mm down to only 2 UFO’s! Way to go, Hazel! :laugh:

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