The view from the bridge…

CoffeeCreek5-22 (132k image)

Coffee Creek is at it’s highest after two weeks of rain on top of a massive snow-melt. The lake is two feet above full and they are pumping water down the Trinity to the Klamath and the pacific and also though the Clear Creek tunnel to Whiskeytown lake, the Sacramento river and the Pacific via San Francisco Bay. Unfortunately there is a lot of water and these escape routes are full from other drainage’s, too.
Our local worry, tho, is that the dike across from us and just up-steam is starting to erode. The county was out looking at it today, but frankly, I don’t know what they can do. The snow-melt is only maybe half done and it just keeps raining. 😦
We’re going to Medford tomorrow to pick up daughter and the two grandkids for their visit. Shane has been calling every day to let us know who many days left! lol Still… it was a conversation stopper when I said, “I’ll see you tomorrow”! :laugh:

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