Summer’s acumin…

baby-tomatoes (177k image)

Or something like that! :laugh: Anyway, the baby tomatoes are just about right for my grandson gardener to plant out next week. Daughter and the two boys arrive on Tuesday, we go to Medford to pick them up. Their original tickets had them arriving at 6:30 pm which was great but they have been rescheduled three times since and are now arriving at 9:45 pm. My bro-in-law has threatened dire consequences if we wake him coming in at 10:30 at night. 😥 Naturally we’ll stay that the In-law Motel! 😀 Well, I’m going to make Sis go with us to guide us to the airport in the dark, anyway, so I’ll just blame her.;) I know the dogs are going to set up a racket when we arrive… they always do. 😛
In any case, I’m excited to have them out here. I’ve got all sorts of hard labor planned for my daughter’s ‘vacation’! Starting with cleaning out my storage room and holding a yard sale. She is going… at last!… to sort though the stuff she left here when she graduated from hi-school… how many years ago was that? Never mind, I don’t want to know! :blush:

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