Family crafts…

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Daughter and two grandsons are here for the summer and the youngest had a surprise for Gramma. The poncho I made him in 1998 is too small and he wanted me to repair the little tear and make it bigger. 😛 I was able to kitchener the tear and am now knitting away like a good gramma to make a poncho for a two year old fit a nine year old! lol But I see that this Caron “Simply Soft” yarn lives up to my name of “stainless steel” yarn! ( It is still very soft and the colors are unfaded but daughter says it’s been his favorite garment/blanket for the last 7 years so it does wear like steel!
And meantime, he is weaving the 7″ square… as long as the dog doesn’t bring a ball, or Grampa a refrigerator box, or brother get out the rockets…. lol
Well, there may be no more Peace & Quiet this summer, but there’ll be a lot more Life! 😀
Hope your summer is lively, too!

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