Spring run-off

RunOff (161k image)

Coffee Creek isn’t as muddy as it can get to earn it’s name, but I guess it could be called Latte Creek! :laugh: I wish you could hear it roar, it is really washing it’s bed these last couple days. The temps have reached into the lower 80’s and the extraordinary snow-pack up there this year is melting rapidly. Not dangerous here but the lake is rather full so I’m kind of glad I’m not living down river! 😛
But I have been really enjoying the sunshine after all those gloomy rainy days. I’ve been getting in a lot of heavy physical labor, too, doing clean up jobs that are usually Randy’s. He’s gone back to work with a vengeance. Everyone wants their job first, of course! I did get him to get out the chainsaw and cut down that poor decrepit Hawthorn tree so I could get it hauled off. And he put some time in the loom shop this morning to get orders taken care of, too. I probably won’t see him before 8 pm tonight. But I can tell him his Giants won, which he’ll take as good news, anyway! 😀
… and there’s only three more weeks until Karen and the grand kids get here! 🙂

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