Spring fever!

tomato_box2 (158k image)

Got more yard work done today. The sun was not really warm, but it was comfortable. This box was built using an old pile of lumber that’s been laying there for several years. By the time I was done there was only a few half rotted boards to haul off. It’s only half full because I want to get some manure to mix with the rest of the dirt. I’m going to plant the tomatoes from the seeds the boys sent out. They can tend this Little box and bucket garden while they’re here.
I hadn’t noticed how ugly that propane tank is, tho, until I saw this photo. Going to have to do something about that!
You can barely see in the background that my forsythia and flowering quince are starting to bloom. The buck-eye has some leaf buds but not much else is venturing out yet. Our last official frost date is June 1 so we have some time yet. We can usually ‘fudge’ on that but “you pays you nickle and takes you chances”!

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