My birthday trip…

Oakland9a (123k image)
Home again… I had a wonderful time, in spite of the rain! I took my camera and naturally forgot to use it most of the time! :hehe: I did get this picture of my cousin, the cats and my pedicure. Cousin gave me a pedicure & manicure plus a gift certificate to a lovely yarn store in Oakland, called Article Pract on Telegraph Ave. I used it all and then some! No surprise there! 😛
Sam and Micky offered me plenty of fiber, but unfortunately it is just too short for good spinning. That’s all cat, there!
It was raining when we left and it’s raining here at home and I hear it’s going to be raining pretty much for the next two weeks at least so I guess I’m going to have plenty of fiber time to use my new yarns!
Hope your weekend was a nice as mine! And I’ve been invited back… That’s always nice to know! 😀

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