Real Snowflakes!

snowflakes1ab (172k image)
I decided to take some pics of that “texture” snow, just for fun, and when I downloaded the photo of the hood of my car I found, to my delight, Real Snowflakes! I had to rush back out and, sure enough, if I looked closely I could actually see them when they lay in a single layer there against the red. This is so neat I just wanted to share it! I’ve clogged up my whole families email programs with gobs of photos but I’ll just post one here. :laugh: But this is just too ‘cool’! There is blue in the sky now but the flakes are still drifting down. I bet I could count them as they fall! And they are so light and dry that you can’t even call it falling. More like floating down. Well, I feel like a kid, but what a lovely discovery for a cold Friday morning!:P

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