“Snowy Texture”

Texture (142k image)
Quite unlike the east coast, we are getting what sis termed “texture” this morning. The snow is so fine and light I can hardly see it falling but it’s gradually turning things white. The temps are up a good 10 degrees from yesterdays 16. for which I give thanks! :laugh:I know there hasn’t been much fiber related here lately but my weaving is a ‘secret’ so far, I’m not ready to share that, my knitting has been hardly progressing, I have been busy, but just the regular boring things of life in the country.
I have posted some photos of some of the special woods Randy has made into looms, if you haven’t seen them take a look: http://hspencer1.photosite.com/Album1/
And I’m having problems with my printer… :angry: …it looks like they’ll be a new one here next week. So, I guess that’s about it. Just wanted to say… I’m still here, if anyone was wondering. 😎

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