Home again!

Packed_ (143k image)
Rosy and I had a great time and got the shopping done for another month.
The green and brown is my new chair, it’s Mission style and I love it! The grey box up front on the right is my new printer. (I hope I can figure out how to hook it up!) and all the rest of the space is filled with groceries. My suitcase is seat-belted in the passenger seat up front! It is one dirty car but there isn’t any point in running thought the washer this time of year. And when I came out of Wally World in Yreka there were a set of three, red, white and blue and they all looked just alike… country cars! :laugh: I should have gotten that picture.
I did find some great loom bags which I’ll be offering on the web page soon. Unfortunately they didn’t have a size to fit your bigger looms but they’ll be handy totes for your Quilt Weaver and Tiny Weaver sets!
So Now I guess I’d better go empty the car. I got the Gramma sitter paid and the fire built and the important email answered. I’d rather take a nap but… 😛
Stay warm!

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