The partridge should have stayed in the pear tree….

RandysWindshield3 (204k image)
:O Or, at least, the grouse should have stayed in the apple tree instead of flying at low altitude across highway 3 just at that dim time of evening as Randy was coming home from work. It would have been better for both of them. Randy wasn’t hurt, tho his truck windshield came off badly. Needless to say the grouse didn’t fair as well. He wasn’t even sure it was a grouse, he saw a streak of grey for a fraction of a second and later found a couple of grey down feathers. About the only birds big enough to do that would be a grouse or an owl, could have been either. Tho now that I think about it, the owl does seem more likely at that time of night.
Well, it means a trip to town but could have been worse. A friend rolled her station wagon loaded with wash tubs of blackberries for canning when she got an owl some years ago. They were unhurt but there were mashed blackberry’s everywhere! :blush:

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