The Far East Peacock Bolero… an FO!

FEPB3 (45k image)
In spite of the fact that I look pretty depressed I am bubbling with joy to have finished this sweater AND to have it fit just as it should! 😀 I think it tuned out very well indeed! I used some light worsted weight cormo wool that we dyed purple. It was supposed to be done for the Red Hat Xmas party but I didn’t make it. Oh well, I am really happy with it, in any case. This is the first lace thing I’ve done for myself and I give credit to my sister Rosy for getting me to try lace with the PI shawl and to the EZasPi list for lessons from Liz and encouragement from all the listers! I think I have learned more from this group than from any I’ve joined. Thank you!
Today I cast on with left-over purple, a cap pattern I found on the web, and it turned out to be based on the center motif from the Feather and Fan shawl from GOL, that I am knitting with thread as a table cloth. Irony::rolleyes: I put a plain center in my tablecloth as that one looked too difficult. I just realized that I had knit it in my cap quite easily! lol 😛

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