A winner

43B (96k image)

😀 Well, This set took second prize in the large projects part of the lace knitting contest and that got me $50 worth of Goodies Unlimited ( http://www.goodiesunlimited.com )which I think a pretty good deal. That is my life-sized baby doll wearing the hat and sweater I made in the Shetland lace workshop. It was fun and I learned a lot. I learned, mostly, that I CAN do lace! 🙂 Now I’m racing to get my Far East Peacock Bolero finished in time for the Red Hat Champagne Brunch Christmas party. But I’ve got a feeling that I’m not going to make it. 😦 Oh well… at least it’ll be done by next Christmas. 🙄

We are getting back on schedule after the funeral and family and should have all the present loom orders ready to ship by Monday. Randy says he’s got a few ahead now, too. We’re being told that there’s another storm coming in next weekend… we’ll see. We all know how good they are at long range prediction! lol But it will give him more shop time, if so. That’s always good! 😛

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